Saturday, October 1, 2011

Feature of the Day: seattlechic

Who's ready for another feature? I know I am!

Today I am featuring seattlechic.

If your just too anxious to read through this feature and want to get right to shopping, I put her shop name as a link. :)

You will want to stick around for this feature though! Just look at her beautiful work!

I absolutely LOVE this piece! Would you consider doing one for Knoxville TN with the Sunsphere? I think that would look SO awesome!

Let's take a peek into the life of seattlechic to see where such beautiful jewelry is not just created, but inspired.

I was born a geek in New Orleans, La., decades before the word "geek" existed. After majoring in Latin & teaching in high school, I moved with my husband & young daughter to the Seattle area in 1973. Since then, I've enjoyed careers as a programmer, IRS tax assistor, classroom teacher, & customer instructor. In 2006 I struggled through my first beaded necklace & 6 months later began selling jewelry to encouraging (& surprised) friends. But my career as a jewelry designer surprised me the most! I think the common thread through all my professions has been the satisfaction of conquering technical challenges inherent in each. Whether debugging a stubborn programming problem or engineering a pendant with a 3-D skyline of Seattle cut from metal sheet, I'm obsessed with the challenge. I don't understand the word QUIT until I have a PLAN for the SOLUTION. (Obviously my husband is a saint!) But what surprises me most about my 6 years creating jewelry is the imagination I didn't know I had as a life-long geek. I'd never been a crafter. Apparently the right side of my brain finally came alive. Since 2006, I've been on a steep learning curve, moving from beading to wire work to metalsmithing, thanks to a few key classes along the way & a lot of experimenting. The most rewarding part of this craft is each happy ending to the process-- from literally dreaming a unique design at night, to successfully tackling its technical challenges, to hearing customers say that I have the "most unusual variety of beautiful jewelry they've seen." I'm humbled by his compliment & more grateful than I can express.
If you're starting a new 1-(wo)man business, you might enjoy my blog UNWIRED, which tells what I've learned while "stumbling up the road to success". My newest online store is SEATTLECHIC at What a supportive, helpful community of tech staff & artists-- and a great online marketplace for shopping handmade gifts & craft supplies!
I don't know what surprises lie ahead in the curvy path of my professional life, but I see many niches in jewelry design I still want to explore, with all the challenges involved. My motto is still

You go girl! If you can't tell, I can relate because I'm a bit of a geek myself. ;)

Here are a few more highly creative pieces from seattlechic...

I would LOOOOVE to post more from her shop, but I don't have much room here... SO GO CHECK OUT HER SHOP!!!!

I want to thank seattlechic for letting me feature such a lovely shop on my blog.

I also want to thank my readers and followers. I know I disappeared there for awhile. Some of you know I was (and still am) getting over bronchitis. I appreciate your patience through this and am looking forward to bringing you another beautiful shop from zibbet soon.

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