Saturday, October 1, 2011

Feature of the Day: seattlechic

Who's ready for another feature? I know I am!

Today I am featuring seattlechic.

If your just too anxious to read through this feature and want to get right to shopping, I put her shop name as a link. :)

You will want to stick around for this feature though! Just look at her beautiful work!

I absolutely LOVE this piece! Would you consider doing one for Knoxville TN with the Sunsphere? I think that would look SO awesome!

Let's take a peek into the life of seattlechic to see where such beautiful jewelry is not just created, but inspired.

I was born a geek in New Orleans, La., decades before the word "geek" existed. After majoring in Latin & teaching in high school, I moved with my husband & young daughter to the Seattle area in 1973. Since then, I've enjoyed careers as a programmer, IRS tax assistor, classroom teacher, & customer instructor. In 2006 I struggled through my first beaded necklace & 6 months later began selling jewelry to encouraging (& surprised) friends. But my career as a jewelry designer surprised me the most! I think the common thread through all my professions has been the satisfaction of conquering technical challenges inherent in each. Whether debugging a stubborn programming problem or engineering a pendant with a 3-D skyline of Seattle cut from metal sheet, I'm obsessed with the challenge. I don't understand the word QUIT until I have a PLAN for the SOLUTION. (Obviously my husband is a saint!) But what surprises me most about my 6 years creating jewelry is the imagination I didn't know I had as a life-long geek. I'd never been a crafter. Apparently the right side of my brain finally came alive. Since 2006, I've been on a steep learning curve, moving from beading to wire work to metalsmithing, thanks to a few key classes along the way & a lot of experimenting. The most rewarding part of this craft is each happy ending to the process-- from literally dreaming a unique design at night, to successfully tackling its technical challenges, to hearing customers say that I have the "most unusual variety of beautiful jewelry they've seen." I'm humbled by his compliment & more grateful than I can express.
If you're starting a new 1-(wo)man business, you might enjoy my blog UNWIRED, which tells what I've learned while "stumbling up the road to success". My newest online store is SEATTLECHIC at What a supportive, helpful community of tech staff & artists-- and a great online marketplace for shopping handmade gifts & craft supplies!
I don't know what surprises lie ahead in the curvy path of my professional life, but I see many niches in jewelry design I still want to explore, with all the challenges involved. My motto is still

You go girl! If you can't tell, I can relate because I'm a bit of a geek myself. ;)

Here are a few more highly creative pieces from seattlechic...

I would LOOOOVE to post more from her shop, but I don't have much room here... SO GO CHECK OUT HER SHOP!!!!

I want to thank seattlechic for letting me feature such a lovely shop on my blog.

I also want to thank my readers and followers. I know I disappeared there for awhile. Some of you know I was (and still am) getting over bronchitis. I appreciate your patience through this and am looking forward to bringing you another beautiful shop from zibbet soon.

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Feature of the Day: handmadefuzzy

Okay, who's ready for another feature? I am happy to have handmadefuzzy today, as her items (and story behind them) are extremely unique.

Thank you handmadefuzzy for letting me feature such a wonderful shop. You can see her shop on zibbet by clicking the link above.

Rudi the vegetrian Mouse

Now to see how handmadefuzzy came to be...

My shops name is Handmade Fuzzy . Why Fuzzy you might ask? It is a simple story.
My name is Frauke and I was born in Germany, lived there for some parts of my life.
I met my husband, who is American, there and he always had problems with pronouncing my name. At some point he came up with the name Fuzzy. I really didn’t like that at first but after an incident with an automated phone call I loved my nickname. It had happened in the first year we had moved to the US in 2003. An automated phone call was made to our house to confirm a doctors appointment. And this machine kept telling me that this appointment is for FROG. What? Who? FROG, can’t be me. My hubby was breaking down in tears right next to me when he heard the announcement. I know my name is not easy to say, but Frog was just so out there. After that I didn’t mind my hubby calling my Fuzzy anymore.
In my shop you will find mostly knitted items, some crochet and some sewn. I have been knitting since I can remember. In my teenager times I used to knit sweaters for my friends. I could of made lots of money then already, but never thought about charging anything else but a good time hanging out with my buds.
Why mice you might think.
I would of never guessed that I would love to knit mice. They are fun creatures when they get put on paper and dressed up in my little notebook. Even my girls are having a blast drawing little mice in all kinds of outfits now.
It started out about 2 years ago, my girls where still dancing and I wanted their teachers to have a little gift as a thank you by the end of the school year. The word “Tanzmaus” (German meaning Dance mouse) kept popping up in my head. So I tried to come up with a pattern that would look right. Then the little mouse was dressed with a tutu and ready to go to dance school. Some other dance teacher and parents saw the mice and instantly wanted one too. So the School teacher got some mice too, with a little book in their paws , having a little “Thank you” note in it.
That was how my shop idea was born. It took me a while to find the right place. I call Zibbet my home now. And I really like it there, I made many new friends in the Arts and Crafts world. And it is so inspiring to learn from those talented people.
Now I make all sorts of mice. My inspiration comes from my daily life and my memories from the different Countries I had lived in as a girl.
I love a good challenge and ask my followers on my blog or FB page what they would like to see a mouse as. And they come up with some really cool ideas I haven’t thought about. Then I will either sit on that idea for a while because I don’t know quite yet how to make a certain accessory or I will jump right in and try to create.
I am known as the “crazy” mouse lady on the street and quite a few neighbors also have quite a collection of my little creatures. Every one of those little fellow is made with tons of love and has it’s own personality. And I have to say it is not easy to pack them up and send them away. There is always a sigh of relief when I find out that they have made it to their new destination. And they will be happy there.

I'm sorry Frauke, but I just had to laugh at the "Frog" part! I read it to my husband and he kinda chuckled, but hung is head and said that was just awful. I personally don't know how they got Frog from Frauke.

I really enjoyed your story of how handmadefuzzy came to be, and I hope the story continues as I can tell that you truely love what you do.

How could you not love what you do when you're making adorable things like this?

The Smart  Mouse

And this....

kids holding hands knitted bracelet 

I think the bracelet above would be great for moms, aunts, etc. with however nieces/nephews, or sons/daughters, or even siblings! That would make a very unique and meaningful gift.

For the offer of the day....

handmadefuzzy (Frauke) is offering 10 % off with the coupon code K83NO8.

That is a really good deal for all the adorable items she has in her shop.

Frauke, you have a lovely shop, and everything I've seen is absolutely amazing. You are overflowing with creativeness, and you can tell in every peace of work that you love what you do and you put your love into each piece.

Thank you also to my 8 loyal followers at this time and other readers. I love ya!

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Featured Seller: breathofthedragon

Please welcome breathofthedragon as our featured seller for today! I've bumped around in her shop, and all I can say for lack of a better word... WOW. Here, see what I mean?

                                    Celtic Knot Tree of Life wall plate

I just love the earthy feel I get from looking through all the different designs and items. What's even better than the earthy feel is the feeling I get when I read about how breathofdragon came to be what it is. Read on...

My name is Connie, but I also go by Sunfire (a high school nickname that stuck). I'm 28 yo, and a veteran of the US Navy, having served 5 years working with computers. I currently live in Wenatchee, WA, in the middle of downtown with my boyfriend from high school, and I work part-time at a local grocery store throwing freight in the evenings.

I started wood burning in 2006, when I was hooked on the smell and simplicity of it. I did it on and (mostly) off until late 2008, when being around my mom pursuing her craft as a business encouraged me to do the same. I started selling my wood burnings on Etsy, but have proudly moved to Zibbet as of January 2011.

My favorite things to burn are Celtic, tribal and Kanji (Japanese-writing) designs, but I love to do custom pieces as well. Probably half of all the items I've sold were commissioned, and I love hearing the story behind the piece and design I'm making.

I also proudly support the Turn Peace Around movement, which encourages people to flip their peace signs for a positive spin on the idea of peace (instead of focusing on anti-war).

I want to thank you Connie for serving in the Navy for this country of ours. THANK YOU! I wish I could tell you face to face how much I appreciate what you've done, but hope this will work for now.

If you would like to learn more about the Turn Peace Around movement you can check them out on Facebook by clicking HERE

You can also fan breathofthedragon on Facebook by clicking HERE, where you can find out about special offers and upcoming sales. BTW, Connie is offering 25% off everything in her shop at this time until October 1st! No coupon codes are needed, everything is already marked down.

You can see her shop by clicking HERE.

Here are a few more pieces from breathofthedragon so you can get a feel for her online store.

Tribal Greenman large plaque

Kanji Dragon keychain

I want to give Connie a big thank you for being my featured seller for today. I've enjoyed featuring you, and I'll be keeping an eye on your shop for greatness and continuing creativity that will overfill Zibbet to the brink. I can only hope that the creativity you show in your shop will only extend to all of your fellow Zibbeteers.

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I was not compensated for the featuring of this online store. The opinions above are my own. If you too would like to have your zibbet shop featured on "The Sellers Nook" please comment below with a link to your zibbet shop and why you think you should be featured. If there are many comments the next featured seller will be randomly selected.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Feature Of The Day: Inkspirational Designs

Welcome everyone to my new blog for Zibbet sellers! (and shoppers)  ;)

Today I am featuring a very talented Zibbeteer, Inkspiration Designs. If you have never seen or been to her online store on Zibbet, boy are you missing out! Seriously, check out these awesome creations!

What I LOVE about Inkspirational Designs is that you can get unique and creative cards in her online store for the same price as you would get one from Hallmark! Only you don't get a card that has been massly distributed, making the card you give one of a kind.

I asked Inkspirational Designs to share a little about herself, here's where she finds her inspiration...

I have been dabbling in crafts all my married life after being inspired by the immense capabilities & encouragement of my husband’s family who are just amazing in their creativity. I have a passion for papercrafts especially explosion boxes and handmade cards. I have been fortunate to teach it and have even been published in magazines.
With encouragement of friends and family I have started to sell my creations and Zibbet has been my choice of online venue. I started just a few months ago and have been fortunate to find that people like my work enough to buy it and the feedback from clients & the Zibbet community is very encouraging. The Zibbet Community is astoundingly encouraging and helpful and I find myself drawn to reciprocate as my way of giving back.

I am a proud Australian and I have been blessed with 4 wonderful children who are all adults now with just one still at home whilst he finishes university. By the time you read this I will have 2 delightful grand daughters. (Oh by the way, I am profoundly deaf with only 20% in one ear and nothing in the other, but I refuse to let this stop me. Well maybe I would like to be a pilot otherwise! LOL)

Recently my husband retired and we are able to indulge in our love of caravanning. Thankfully I can literally do my cutting, colouring and making my paper flowers and such whilst my husband is driving as fortunately I do not get car sick.

I am mostly inspired by God’s nature in all it many forms, from the iridescence of a dragonfly’s wings to the silhouette of trees against the backdrop of a glorious sunrise. Yep, early mornings are my favourite time of day. A new day means a new slate where the cares and mistakes of yesterday can be left behind and the promise of a new beginning brings hope and a smile to my heart.

I have a passion for recycling and reusing of everything I possibly can especially in children’s craft, which is another passion.
Inkspirational Designs, you are truely " Inkspirational " and well deserving of an amazingly creative name for your store. You are an inspiration to all of us! Thank you for sharing your struggles and through the good and bad.

By the way...You are EXTREMELY blessed because I get car sick if I even try to read a map!

Here are a few more pieces from Inkspirational Designs...

Before I forget... You can get to Inkspirational Designs online store by clicking here. She is offering the readers of The Sellers Nook a special discount of 25% off of $15 or more. All you have to do is enter the coupon code NOOK.

A special thank you to Inkspirational Designs for letting me feature such a lovely shop.

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I was not compensated for the featuring of this online store. The opinions above are my own. If you too would like to have your zibbet shop featured on "The Sellers Nook"  please comment below with a link to your zibbet shop and why you think you should be featured. If there are many comments the next featured seller will be randomly selected.