Sunday, September 25, 2011

Feature of the Day: handmadefuzzy

Okay, who's ready for another feature? I am happy to have handmadefuzzy today, as her items (and story behind them) are extremely unique.

Thank you handmadefuzzy for letting me feature such a wonderful shop. You can see her shop on zibbet by clicking the link above.

Rudi the vegetrian Mouse

Now to see how handmadefuzzy came to be...

My shops name is Handmade Fuzzy . Why Fuzzy you might ask? It is a simple story.
My name is Frauke and I was born in Germany, lived there for some parts of my life.
I met my husband, who is American, there and he always had problems with pronouncing my name. At some point he came up with the name Fuzzy. I really didn’t like that at first but after an incident with an automated phone call I loved my nickname. It had happened in the first year we had moved to the US in 2003. An automated phone call was made to our house to confirm a doctors appointment. And this machine kept telling me that this appointment is for FROG. What? Who? FROG, can’t be me. My hubby was breaking down in tears right next to me when he heard the announcement. I know my name is not easy to say, but Frog was just so out there. After that I didn’t mind my hubby calling my Fuzzy anymore.
In my shop you will find mostly knitted items, some crochet and some sewn. I have been knitting since I can remember. In my teenager times I used to knit sweaters for my friends. I could of made lots of money then already, but never thought about charging anything else but a good time hanging out with my buds.
Why mice you might think.
I would of never guessed that I would love to knit mice. They are fun creatures when they get put on paper and dressed up in my little notebook. Even my girls are having a blast drawing little mice in all kinds of outfits now.
It started out about 2 years ago, my girls where still dancing and I wanted their teachers to have a little gift as a thank you by the end of the school year. The word “Tanzmaus” (German meaning Dance mouse) kept popping up in my head. So I tried to come up with a pattern that would look right. Then the little mouse was dressed with a tutu and ready to go to dance school. Some other dance teacher and parents saw the mice and instantly wanted one too. So the School teacher got some mice too, with a little book in their paws , having a little “Thank you” note in it.
That was how my shop idea was born. It took me a while to find the right place. I call Zibbet my home now. And I really like it there, I made many new friends in the Arts and Crafts world. And it is so inspiring to learn from those talented people.
Now I make all sorts of mice. My inspiration comes from my daily life and my memories from the different Countries I had lived in as a girl.
I love a good challenge and ask my followers on my blog or FB page what they would like to see a mouse as. And they come up with some really cool ideas I haven’t thought about. Then I will either sit on that idea for a while because I don’t know quite yet how to make a certain accessory or I will jump right in and try to create.
I am known as the “crazy” mouse lady on the street and quite a few neighbors also have quite a collection of my little creatures. Every one of those little fellow is made with tons of love and has it’s own personality. And I have to say it is not easy to pack them up and send them away. There is always a sigh of relief when I find out that they have made it to their new destination. And they will be happy there.

I'm sorry Frauke, but I just had to laugh at the "Frog" part! I read it to my husband and he kinda chuckled, but hung is head and said that was just awful. I personally don't know how they got Frog from Frauke.

I really enjoyed your story of how handmadefuzzy came to be, and I hope the story continues as I can tell that you truely love what you do.

How could you not love what you do when you're making adorable things like this?

The Smart  Mouse

And this....

kids holding hands knitted bracelet 

I think the bracelet above would be great for moms, aunts, etc. with however nieces/nephews, or sons/daughters, or even siblings! That would make a very unique and meaningful gift.

For the offer of the day....

handmadefuzzy (Frauke) is offering 10 % off with the coupon code K83NO8.

That is a really good deal for all the adorable items she has in her shop.

Frauke, you have a lovely shop, and everything I've seen is absolutely amazing. You are overflowing with creativeness, and you can tell in every peace of work that you love what you do and you put your love into each piece.

Thank you also to my 8 loyal followers at this time and other readers. I love ya!

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  1. Thank you for doing this!!! And the "frog" got a special place in our family history now.

  2. Frauke is a lovely person, and her mice sooooo cute! I love her shop, and as a creator myself, she inspires me.:) I have loved getting to know her as best we can in the online world. Maybe someday we can meet in person, being in neighboring states. And then I can hear the correct way to say Frauke, so what comes out of my mouth does not sound like Frog. heehee. great story, great beginning, great stuff. hugs to Fuzzy.

    I am now a follower of this blog too! and if you need a feature, check out Raige Creations.
    Thanks so much!

  3. Well, Fuzzy, (May I call you that, too?:) I've been a fan of your cute little critters since shortly after I opened my shop selling my jewelry. I especially enjoyed learning how your well-dressed mice came to be & reflect your sense of humor:)

    And Ashley, thank you for introducing us to each other! I'm subscribing to your blog for more:)!

  4. sure Cheryl, Fuzzy is way easier than Frauke. And thank you for the compliment!
    On my way to check out your Zibbet home.

  5. Thank you all for subscribing! Be looking for another feature soon!